Some people may not know what endodontics are – but they certainly sit up and take notice when you mention a root canal! Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, but the truth is, root canals are the solution that stops the pain, not causes it! You see, we usually only suggest a root canal when a tooth is severely infected or compromised – so compromised, that without immediate action, it may need to be removed to stop the infection from spreading and creating abscesses in your jaw or sinuses. Root canals are really not as mysterious as legend has made them.

You see, inside your tooth is a network of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that were extremely necessary while your tooth was growing in, but stopped being needed in adulthood. When this inner tissue, or pulp, becomes infected, one of the best ways to end the infection is to simply remove the pulp and sterilize the inside of the tooth. Your Mooring Dental doctor will open your enamel in a way similar to preparing for a cavity filling, clear away the infected tissue – all the way to the root canals – thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, fill the tooth with a special sealant, and top your tooth off with a beautiful, long-lasting porcelain crown. Your tooth is saved, your pain ended, and your smile brought back to life!